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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three dunces

Dunce 1. No surprise: Bush. Iran clearly looks like too much of a tricky option to George W., so he's picking on smaller fry instead:

The United States has launched air strikes against Islamists in southern Somalia, confirming the country's status as a new frontline in Washington's war on terror. An AC130 warplane strafed the village of Hayo near the Kenyan border late yesterday afternoon leaving "many dead", according to the Somali government. Ras Kamboni, on the country's southernmost tip, was also said to have been hit.

Dunce 2. I shouldn't be surprised by this one either, but Tony Blair what are you wibbling on about, seriously?

Mr Blair rejected the need to set a personal example on greenhouse gases by taking breaks closer to home, insisting science was the key to tackling the problem. "I think that what we need to do is to look at how you make air travel more energy efficient, how you develop the new fuels that will allow us to burn less energy and emit less," he said.
Sky News

Dunce 3. Again, no surprise, just another small emptiness inside

England conceded a record 221-5 before losing the Twenty20 international to Australia by a margin of 77 runs.

"Don't spoon it. Don't spoon it. Don't spoon it. Doh!"

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1 comment:

Matthew said...

Re your comment on the (rather misleading and over-spun)Guardian splash about Blair. The point is that we are not going to win the environmental argument with the public on this by saying "you
cannot go abroad on long distance holidays". People will not accept that and it is a sure fire way of losing the argument with the voters/polluters. You have to take people along with you in order to make them change. Look at the furore with the congestion chargin idea with 1m people on a petition against it. There are loads of things to do (energy efficrncy, improvements in industrial processes, fuel consumption and new fuels etc etc), but stopping holidays is political suicide. It will make people fed up of the environmental agenda and lose us the whole argument.